Standardized Purchasing Practices

We have standardized purchasing practices that you can use to determine for yourself whether we are likely to purchase your cards and accurately estimate the amount that we would offer.

Please make an appointment if you want to sell a large, unsorted collection. Please call ahead if you want cash for cards with a scan value over $500, as we may need to visit the bank before you arrive.

Purchasing criteria and how we determine value

We determine a card’s value using the TCG Player App, set to market price. Remember to adjust for foils, the correct set, and the condition. We use TCG Player’s Card Conditioning Standards, which you can view here:

We purchase trading cards that meet the following criteria: the cards are in no less than moderate condition, have a scan value over $2, and are currently playable in Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, or Yugioh.

We reserve the right to reject any card for any reason. We do not currently buy bulk or sports cards, however you may donate bulk trading cards and we will, in turn, donate them to new players that are just getting started or a local school-sanctioned gaming club.

Percentages we pay and our haggle policy

If your trading cards meet our purchasing criteria, then we pay 50% of the scan value for cash and 60% of the scan value for store credit. The percentage is reduced by up to 15% if we must sort your cards. To avoid this penalty leave out the bulk, heavy play, damaged, and non-playable cards. If you are looking to sell highly sought-after cards and want to haggle over the percentage, ask for Jeremiah as he is currently our only buyer who is authorized to haggle. We are willing to pay more for highly sought-after cards that are guaranteed to sell to our local community because it allows us to avoid online seller’s fees, but please understand that we cannot offer full market value. Making a profit is what allows us to continue providing an amazing center for the gaming community to gather and play.

Collector’s only items and graded slabs

We rarely purchase cards that are considered collector’s only items. As a gaming center we prioritize play over collecting. When we do purchase these cards, they must be in near mint or light play condition because collectors are looking for cards in the best condition they can find. We evaluate whether to purchase a collector’s only card or a graded slab based on its latest market activity. We will not buy a graded slab if we cannot verify it. You can save yourself some time by discussing what you have with Jeremiah before you bring it in.

Information about selling sealed products

We occasionally buy sealed trading card products, depending on what it is and how much of it we already have in stock -but we will not pay more than what we would pay if we purchased it from our distributors. Additionally, we do not buy loose booster packs, to protect our community. Blister packs are the only exception to this rule. To find out if we are interested in buying what you have, please call ahead and ask to speak with Jeremiah.