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Magic: The Gathering

Our founders and staff have created a unique environment for fans, past players, and active players of Magic:The Gathering to bring their decks and improve their skills. Whether you’re looking to curate a brand new deck and gaming strategy, or are looking for a challenge against other players, Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center is here for you! Browse our vast inventory — both in-person and online — and choose the perfect card(s) to add to your gaming collection. Purchase the exact card you need from:

  • Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

  • Modern Horizons 2

  • Time Spiral: Remastered

  • Kaldheim

  • Commander Legends

  • Promo Pack: Strixhaven

  • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

  • Promo Pack: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

  • And More!

Dungeons & Dragons

Gather up your party and get ready for an adventure! The Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center is here to help your Dungeons & Dragons party acquire everything they need to one-shot their enemies and level up their characters. Browse our miniatures and other DM and player resources, and head down to our brick-and-mortar store for your next session.

Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh

It’s time to drive back into your childhood nostalgia! Resurrect your passion for everything Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh by browsing through our collection of trading cards and merchandise. The Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center is also happy to help newcomers to the franchises find the trading cards they need to get started, whether they’re interested in building a collection of individual cards or interested in future tabletop battles.

Interactive Events For Multiple Interests

If you’re looking for a regular location to play your favorite table-top game, search no more! The Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center has a regular schedule of events, allowing people within the community to pursue their passions. Join us inside our brick-and-mortar location to browse several different board and trading card games, and to meet new people with similar interests! Take a look at our rough schedule below:


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