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At T3 we're a part of the community, and the community is a part of us


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Bring a Little Fantasy Into Your Free Time

The Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center is proud to give table-top and card gaming enthusiasts both in Columbus, Indiana, and around the world an environment to pursue their passions! Our brick-and-mortar location is a mecca for individuals to spend time with friends and discover brand new games to play in their free time. Browse our collections of table-top, board and card games and purchase your own today!

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Strong Community Cohesion

At Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center, we are proud to give members of our community a space to relax, unwind, and play their favorite games. Our establishment carries a strong passion for introducing more members of the public to a vast collection of table-top and card games. Browse our location in-person for yourself and find your new favorite party game, or make some new friends that share your passion for fantasy, anime, and strategy. It’s our goal to be a true partner within the gaming community.


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Rediscover Your Childhood Nostalgia

How many times, as a kid, did you watch Saturday morning cartoons? At Tarnished Table-Top Gaming Center in Columbus, Indiana, we’re happy to help you rediscover your childhood and take up a brand new hobby. Whether you grew up watching Pokemon and battling with your friends, or challenging someone to a Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering game, we are your go-to location for getting back into them as an adult! Visit us in-person or purchase your favorite games and merchandise online!

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about us

More than just a card shop, T3 is a gaming center for the whole tabletop community! Established in June of 2019, through continued support from community we are still growing. You are T3. We are here because of the community, and here to serve the community.